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Dynamic Wave Clouds a.k.a Intelligent Wave Clouds is based on price flow system and presents both bullish and bearish clouds.

Uses of Wave Clouds:

  • To know when price is in balanced state (non-trending) and imbalanced state (trending state)
  • Wave nodes are used for making reversal decisions
  • Forecasting upcoming trends
  • Find reveral prices
  • Breakout points
  • Breakout stop loss
  • Trailing stop loss


  • 1 Min to 15 Min – Intraday; 5min TF is recommended for intraday
  • 15 Min to 1 Hr- Swing
  • 1 Hr to 1 Day – Mid-term trading
  • 1 Day to 1 Month – Investment

The standard deviation from wave nodes can be represented by the formation of clouds. The cloud becomes an area that contains any micro time-based movement of price action. Thus, clouds overcome the limitation of analyzing price action on a micro timeframe. In short, clouds are the area for micro-level accumulation and distribution forecasted based on price action.

Thus, wave clouds become a forecasting tool for upcoming action in the stock market and they inform about the balance and the imbalance in real-time.


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