Sharks & Whales Volume Order Analytics

Sharks & whales are those big players of the market that influence price trends, maintain the balance, as well as create an imbalance in the market. In short, they decide how and when the price will move. Since they are big players and trade with bigger volumes they take their own time to make decisions.

Whales are more interested in long-term trades and are interested in bigger price moves.

Sharks are the influencers who create dynamic waves on all timeframes. Although the sharks stay aligned with the whales, their primary interest is in creating false breakouts, traps, and up and down actions in order to trap and shed the small traders.


  • S&W data is available for business users – Registered Analysts, Advisors, Capital firms, & Dealers
  • It is real time calculation. Thus past data is not available
  • Recommended to use dedicated system since S&W calculations use good resources
  • Min configuration recommended
    • Good continuous internet connection (connection break resets the data)
    • 2GB RAM for every 4 to 6 symbols
    • 4GB RAM for 10-20 symbols
    • 8GB RAM for 20-50 symbols

How S&W Data Changes Market

Market cycles involve 4 phases:

  • Mark-up (up trend)
  • Mark-down (down trend)
  • Accumulation (End of down trend and buying)
  • Distribution (End of up trend and sell off)

Big players start accumulating at the end of correction or down trend (micro trend or major trend). Because the volume of these players is quite high, it takes time for them to buy or sell off their pie. This is the very reason market enters accumulation or distribution phase at the end of trend.

Orders are placed by the big players in such a manner that it is not easy for trader or investor to find it. However if it is identified, it help find upcoming big trend and stay aligned with the price movement.

Decoding their order and volume patterns presents highly insider information of the upcoming big moves, as well as, letting know when the market will remain range-bound.

Wavenodes volume analytics has built-in functionality to decode this information. This is no less than the high-cost modules of Artificial Intelligence deployed by the bigger players.

Intelligent Waves System For Price Action & Market Dynamics Identification

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  • SBER Wave Theory
  • Wave Nodes
  • Wave Clouds

Advanced Volume Analytics For Accumulation & Distribution Identifcation

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  • Last Hope Point
  • Volume Based Target
  • Trend Strength Factor

Sharks & Whales Volume-Order Analytics for Tracking Big Players Volume-Orders

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  • How S&W Data Changes Market