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WaveNodes Pro Max

6,999 / month
Experience the next level of trading success with WaveNodes Pro Max Suite - the ultimate collection of analytical modules tailored for professional traders like you.

Intelligent Wave Clouds – IWC

3,599 / month
A cutting-edge market analysis tool, equipped with Intelligent Wave Clouds and Price Channel features. Predict trends, identify entry and exit points, and seize lucrative opportunities with precision. Elevate your trading strategy with our advanced, user-friendly platform.

Volatility Meter

3,599 / month
Traders lose money because they use same strategy in every scenario. With volatility changes trading conditions and so does the strategy. Revolutionize your volatility trading game with WaveNodes Volatility Meter. Visualize volatility, track trends, and seize opportunities. Empower your decisions, start today.

WaveNodes Screener

Experience live market mastery with WaveNodes Screener, your gateway to tracking multiple instruments live, all from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Available with WaveOne Membership Only.

Day Range Pro – Forecast Intraday in 5 Minutes Of Opening

Unlock the power of precision trading with Day Range Pro – your indispensable tool for projecting intraday ranges and optimizing trading decisions.

Available with WaveOne Membership.