What is WaveNodes Lens?

WaveNodes Lens is a stock screening service that helps identify the stocks which are exhibiting good potential for the future on the technical front. These stocks are identified with the help of a factored combination of WaveNodes, Volume analytics, as well as Sharks and whales data.

How the Stocks are Identified?

Weightage is given to different facets of the Technical Analysis while shortlisting these stocks. Primary weightage is given to the big player’s activity followed by a stage of accumulation or distribution and the potential of future price action. The stocks shortlisted should not be seen as the straightforward recommendation for buy and sell. The stocks identified are exhibiting early signs of potential build-up and are “expected” to gain momentum in the coming times. Thus, these stocks should be watched by the user on Wave notes from an investment point of view. The final decision is left at the discretion of the end-user.

How is Report Delivered?

A list of identified stocks is sent to the subscribers over email at the end of the day, as and when the potential is identified. Since not all stocks are ready at all times, this service helps the users save a lot of time from going through to n-number of stocks every moment. The user can also create a Portfolio of such identify stocks for trimmed down analytics.

How to Subscribe to WaveNodes Lens?

This service is currently available with the WaveNodes Corporate Edition only.

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