Catch The Moves Before Anyone Else

Wavenodes Pro is the world’s first real-time price waves and volume-order analytics tool for investors and traders. It is delivered through the cloud directly to the browser/app (via Tradingview) for the active trading community to help make intelligent decisions in real-time.

Visualize the upcoming price moves and volume actions on charts in real-time.

Intelligent Waves System – Used for Price Flow, Market Dynamics (Balanced / Imbalanced), Possible Reversal Points, Breakouts, and Direction

Waves are the lifeline of the stock market. Any trading instrument has wave patterns embedded into it. Decoding these wave patterns can help traders and investors make the right decisions before the stock market moves.

Older wave theories such as Elliot wave and Neo wave do not work in the modern markets which are driven by computer-based algos and HFT (High-frequency trading). The waves are highly distorted, random, and no longer follow the step patterns as they used to be during the old times.

Therefore, finding new wave patterns requires an adaptive approach.

Professional traders and market experts use Wavenode analytics for analyzing and for trading decisions that match the current algo patterns. Wavenodes is a cloud-based system delivered through a trading view without the need for a separate subscription of Datafeed. It can be easily applied on any stock for a real-time view of the flow of waves and direction.

Modern wave theory conceived by Sachin Bhatia Equity Research (SBER), is well known for its accuracy and precision in forecasting the possible moves of the stock market. The theory is designed on the same basis on which the modern time algos are designed.

Sharks & Whales Volume-Order Analytics – Used for finding what bigger players are doing – whether they are buying or selling. It helps knowing forthcoming trend.

Volume analytics help the investors’ community in finding where the smart money of the big players is flowing. Any major trend in the market begins with the accumulation and distribution-based breakouts. Wavenodes Volume Analytics (WVA) smartly presents the completion of accumulation and distribution activity, and the final stage of its breakout post-A/D cycle completion. At this stage, the investor knows that the bigger players have entered/ exited the stock market. Further deep analysis can be done with precision using our latest Sharks & whales volume analytics, our latest edition for real-time volumes, and orders analytics.

Advanced Volume Analytics – Used for identifying the completion stages of accumulation and distributions, breakout down point, possible target, and strength factor

Intelligent Waves System For Price Action & Market Dynamics Identification

Advanced Volume Analytics For Accumulation & Distribution Identifcation

Sharks & Whales Volume-Order Analytics for Tracking Big Players Volume-Orders