Wavenodes is the analytics studio to help investors make timely and informed decisions. It is based on modern wave theory by Sachin Bhatia Equity Research. Wavenodes consist of a robust system that analyzes price action and volume-order.

Sachin Bhatia Equity Research (SBER) is a renowned brand name in the world of the stock market. Known for its innovative methods that are based on the current dynamics of the stock market, the SBER delivers strategies, tools, and services to the institutional as well as retail traders. The services of SBER range from custom strategy design to portfolio research services to analytical tools that help decode the stock market movements.

Some of our other products and services:

  • SBER SMI (Price Action Analytics)
  • SBER PRS (Research Service)
  • Market Daily Reports
  • SBER Recommends
  • Custom Investment Strategy Development

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