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A versatile, comprehensive, and robust market analytics tool for highly volatile indices and instruments

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  • Market Trend Indicator – See current trend of the market as background of the chart

  • State of Art Analytics Dashboard – Provides all required intel on screen without need of analyzing different aspects of chart

  • Expected Range within which market is likely to remain when market is not in trend but decisive

  • Let’s you know about upcoming indecisive and abrupt i.e. random moves. You can be ready to handle it without worrying

  • Trap Alert – Notifies you when there is high probability of buyers or sellers to get trapped in reversal trade

  • Trade guides for options traders. With critical intel like where to hedge the positions fully and where to exit, likely possible targets based on current volatility

  • Power candles that tell where big players made decisions to continue the trend or go for reversal

  • Demand and supply zones provide levels where the price is likely to get support or face resistance. No doubt that breakouts of demand and supply zones lead to bigger rallies

  • Use it on timeframes of your choice. Handle volatile instruments on lowest timeframes such as 1 min or switch to higher timeframes for long term decisions

  • A boon for Pair traders – Analyzes pairs (current selected instrument and one of your choice) and helps make right positioning decisions

  • No need to download any special software to use Sigma. Delivered through tradingview and works in cloud. Access it anywhere, on any device, through browser or tradingview app

  • Use it to analyze indices, stocks, futures, commodities, crypto currencies, or any other instrument of your choice available on tradingview (some data feeds or TV might require separate subscription to be created)

  • Take all decisions without going to multiple indicators. Trade like a professional traders

WaveNodes Sigma

unlock the power of

Auto V-Adjusted Price Analytics

Big players have given the task of fluctuating the volatility so that indicators cannot align with their moves. In fact, if you want to stay aligned with the current trend of the market, you need a tool that adjusts itself to changing volatility, called v-adjustment.

To win in trading, you do not have to win over big players but you have to perform better and faster than other traders in the market.

And existing indicators are not helping because they are designed on logic that lags on time. Decisions taken get delayed and by time you get ready, the price had moved

If you wanted to “be the best” in trading and use self v-adjusting tool like this, it would cost you upwards of $5000+ as the going rate, plus lots of wasted time in setting it up and no guarantee it would work…


in Trading Error Rate


The Unnecessary Losses


Alignment With Trend

WaveNodes Sigma

Stay Aligned with

Price Trend

Beat the price volatility with WaveNodes Trend. Do not wait. Just go ahead and experience the power of it.

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Go for annual subscription and get complimentary pass to advanced options training (hybrid hedging, hybrid loop, decision framework based trading, and much more)

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frequently asked questions

After you have received welcome email from us, go to Open a chart of any trading instrument. Go to Indicators section from header section on chart. Select ‘Invite-only Scripts’ and select WaveNodes Sigma. This action will add Sigma analytics to your chart. Save the template by pressing Ctrl+S or by clicking ‘Save’ option in top right section of chart header.

All orders are usually processed in 1 business day. You get a welcome email with details once your order is processed. If your order is taking longer than usual, feel free to connect with us over whatsapp at +91-7780427671.

No, free trials are currently not available. However you can subscribe to monthly plan to get comfortable with the tool(s) first.

Although it is not mandatory but since TV or Tradingview now provides delayed data on free plans, it is suggested to subscribe to their paid plan for real time data and analytics. Please check with TV for their subscription plans.

Yes, alerts can be set for notification when new trade opportunity builds up. Go to Alerts section of Tradingview, select ‘WaveNodes Sigma’ from drop down and set alert.

It is available on Tradingview only.

You can download iOS or Android or Windows Desktop app of Tradingview and use WaveNodes Sigma on chart in app.

WaveNodes Pro, Pro Max, and Business are tools used for wave analytics (price flow) while WaveNodes Sigma is volatility adjusted price action analytics. Both are based on different logic and are independent to each other.

Option to switch between WaveNodes Pro family and WaveNodes Sigma is not available because both are independent tools. Thus, take decision carefully while subscribing.

All sales are final, non-refundable, and non-transferrable. You are requested to take decision carefully.

While success rate is good when trades have fixed Risk to Reward ratio, WaveNodes Sigma trades have dynamic R:R, thus, success rate may vary depending on trade type. Loss to Profit ratio is recommended to be kept at 1:3 for good trades.

Putting subscription on hold is not feasible. However exclusions can be made for one time if you have annual plans. Max hold time is 1 month.

WaveNodes Sigma was previoously known as SBER SMI and was later available for some time as WaveNodes Analytics Module. Both SMI and Analytics modules have been discontinued. WaveNodes Sigma is now available as off the shelf tool. Latest version of Sigma has better features and updates compared to older versions.

Subscription pricing

Ideal for Trial Seekers and Beginners

Monthly plan

₹ 8,850

  • All features of WaveNodes Sigma

  • Support over ticket system

  • Access to videos of WaveNodes Sigma

  • Training on Options Trading (Hybrid Hedge, Hybrid Loop, etc)

  • Access to Beta Features *when available

  • Complimentary access to Adv User Online Workshops


Annual plan

₹ 79,650

Price after 25% discount. Use coupon code ‘25SIGMA‘ to get flat 25% OFF on annual subscription + 1 complimentary access pass to online workshop on Advanced Options Trading worth Rs. 94000

  • All features of WaveNodes Sigma

  • Support over ticket system

  • Access to videos of WaveNodes Sigma

  • Training on Options Trading (Hybrid Hedge, Hybrid Loop, etc)

  • Access to Beta Features *when available

  • Complimentary access to Adv User Online Workshops

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