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(25 customer reviews)
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25 reviews for Wavenodes Subscription

  1. Preeti Mhatre (verified owner)

    Trading with AVA and Wave for swing trading is awesome. It helps in maximising your profits and Mimimising losses. Experienced good moves in market once the price breaks out of the cloud.

  2. Radhakrishna Loka (verified owner)

    Have been using the MTP* system for trading across various instruments (stocks and indices) and found it to be excellent. The confidence it gives in entering a trade is unbelievable. It works like a charm in various time frames. A lot of insights can be drawn by viewing it as waves. I continue to be and ardent follower of this MTP* tool. *Wavenodes Pro

  3. Arun Saxena (verified owner)

    It gives ling run trend as well as short term opportunity. It also gives weightage to volume. A good Indicator with amalgamation of Price & Volume Action with suggestion of Stop Loss. If used with a little analysis, success rate is high. At top I put it saves great losses which makes Retail Traders in red always.

  4. Amit Dixit (verified owner)

    MTP is a necessary tool that help you to pick right trade at right time and specially wave clouds works exceptionally well along with volume analysis, a must have tool for trader and investor both.

  5. Gopal Rao (verified owner)

    It protects my capital, now I know where to exit and enter the trades , and able to know profit maximum to hold the trade without fear, which is main thing

  6. Raj Kishore Sah (verified owner)

    It’s a complete tool, it gives information on Accumulation/Distribution, Current Trend, Volume Breakout, AVA’s possible target. In one word I will say this is “Awesome”. There are lots of information..hard to describe all this, it develops with the time we spend with SBER.

  7. Rakesh Dash (verified owner)

    The creation of MTP is not less than the invention of COVID vaccine. If IWC is SPUTNIK than AVA is COVISHIELD. इनसे अज्ञात हो तो राम भरोसे हो। हमे तो इनके कृपा मिल रही है अब आप की बारी है सफलता को चूमने के…

  8. VIKASH JAIN (verified owner)

    Unbeatable tool, minimizes losses maximizes profit as per your appetite

  9. GOUTAM SARKAR (verified owner)


  10. Pravas Lenka (verified owner)

    It’s amazing

  11. Manas Dey (verified owner)

    Very good

  12. Abhishek Mahajan (verified owner)


  13. Vipul Chandak (verified owner)

    I am hotelier by profession so have less time to analysis chart. This tool not only makes my life easy but helps me understand price, trend, pullbacks and all the IMP data for any script or indices. Great tool for investment purpose too.

  14. Mohammed Meraj (verified owner)

    It is very great tool if we use it correctly and just don’t look it as a buy sell indicator

  15. Tejas Goraksha (verified owner)

    MTP is always rocks for me .. because of MTP 70% part of my trading shifted in to investment and swings ..many stock examples I have with me . Earn profit 10 % to almost 400% because of MTP only .. key feature of MTP is u ll get perfect entry and exit point …

  16. Bishal Sahoo (verified owner)

    Wave clouds and iva is like a complete package in itself. Its not an indicator, but a market decoder. Be it equity/future, option buying, writing, intraday, positional etc the MTP tool comes very handy to get information about trends, consolidations and upcoming moves.

  17. Pravin Kadam (verified owner)

    Most probably I use for swing trade and always given me satisfactory result, I’m really luck on youtube I found SEBER, since a member I learn many things from Sachin Sir. The best tool for analysis of live market. Thank you Sachin sir to give us very good package of MTP tools.

  18. PARBATBHAI Chaudhary (verified owner)

    mtp Intraday trading only one 1 minutes time frame use best 3 minutes btst & stbt 5 minutes very good investment short term view Trading note easy trading is simple with sber all tools cloud breakout only one tool daily investment 2 % growth portfolio minimum options buying best opportunity Fake breakout &real breakout finding very easy love you SBER TOOLS THANKS FOR SBER TEAM & SACHIN BHATIA SIR

  19. Diwaker Prasad Verma (verified owner)

    IWC & Volume analytics AVA Is change my life & My winning Confidence on trading , Thanks for GOD, they Give Sachin Bhatia in my life as a trading excellent an experienced and trusted adviser., Thanks Sachin. God Bless you

  20. AMIT AGRAWAL (verified owner)

    Excellent tools, it’s help a lot in trading!

  21. Gagan Jain (verified owner)

    Its an excellent tool for perfect analysis of the market, the best part is you can use it on any time frame. Another good thing about this tool is that it doesn’t give you a buy sell signal, it helps you to learn, about the waves of the market. I love it and it has helped me save a lot of money, If used with proper rules it can help you not only make money but also save a lot, You wont find anything like this in the market, Thanks Sir for this awesome tool

  22. Muzaffar Shabad (verified owner)

    Simply Awesome

  23. Deepak Kankekar (verified owner)

    MTP is really helpful in finding trends, understanding stop loss levels, accumulation & distribution and most importantly helps in managing trades all the time. With basic knowledge of candlestick n market and with discipline it’s easy to make profits & stay away from huge losses. Also this tool is being updated with every dynamic of market to help traders stay updated. Grateful to Sachin sir for for the knowledge he has shared n analytical tools.

  24. Sunil Lakhote (verified owner)

    Very Very Useful & Nice Analytical Tool for any time Frame.Mostly I have used for 1 Hour TF for swing & Day TF For Long Term.

  25. Mukesh Sharma (verified owner)

    AVA and MTP both are very good tools for Intraday to Long term Trading. Very helpfull for investing in stocks, Easy way to find Support and Resistance of any stock.

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