Volume Analytics

The price of any trading instrument (stock index, currency, commodity, etc.) can move only and only if there is volume. Thus, the volume becomes the driver of price action. Volume analytics scans the various stages of the volume cycle – accumulation and distribution – of the instrument. It is at the final and confirming stage of the cycle when the decisions are taken. The cycle does not have a fixed length thus, it becomes significant to find the completing stage of these cycles. It helps the traders to quickly know about volume-based breakout or failure without much waiting

Last Hope Point (LHP)

The last hope point is also known as the ‘panic point’ is a very critical point below which it is expected that bigger players of the market shall continue to have confidence in the underlying asset. Below this point, the algos are expected to go into panic mode.

Price closing below this point is expected to trigger panic among the sharks and whales.

Volume Based Target

Adaptive and Intelligent analysis of volumes can help find even the expected price level of the future. For example, if a whale (bigger player) has a tendency to profit 100 points by accumulating the volume of thirty thousand units, the same information can help find forthcoming possible price levels in the stock.

Trend Strength Factor

SF or Strength Factor is an indicative potentional of trend continuation. Higher the strength factor, higher the probabililty of the trend to continue. It is relative to stages of accumulation and distribution. SF is applicable to the up trend or down trend post accumulation or distribution, respectively.

Since price does not move in a sequential manner, SF helps adjustments to the trades.

Usually SF > 60 is considered a good sign for the trend and SF < 50 is considered weaker trend. SF is also used as risk exposure control measure.

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